Career Services

Bahir Dar University Career Center’s service

We educate and empower students and alumni in their development of lifelong career management skills, build mutually-beneficial networking relationships between job seekers and employers and serve as a planning resource for university colleges.


Welcome to Career Center!  No matter where you are in your career exploration process, it’s never too early to start preparing for your future. Partner with us as you explore your passions, values, and goals. We’ll work with you from start to finish developing the skills and experiences needed to achieve the career of your dreams.


Empowering and preparing Wildcats to pursue meaningful careers and lives.

Career Services is a comprehensive career counseling and resource center designed to engage students as active participants in their career development from freshman through alumni. The central purpose of Career Services is to help students prepare for academic and career success. We strive to serve the needs of the individual and create career-related programs and services that are responsive and accessible to our students and community


 Our mission is to provide high quality, comprehensive career services, and empowering members of the Bahir Dar University community to choose and attain personally rewarding careers. We serve that mission in a variety of ways:

  • Facilitating self-assessment and career exploration to develop a clear career objective
  • Promoting avenues for experiential learning
  • Providing assistance in job search and transition to professional life
  • Cultivating and maintaining partnerships with employers
  • Serving as a resource to staff, faculty and community
  • Advising students preparing for post graduate study


Direct and manage the university career services as it assists all student, alumni, faculty, and employer clients in the development of career education, career identification and search, and pursuit of employment opportunities commensurate with formal academic pursuits. Continually expand the client/user base and scope of services to ensure provision of the widest array of services possible to the broadest mix of academic and corporate clients.

Provide career assistance to students and graduates through intensive trainings, career guidance, counseling, job fairs, career weeks and other related activities in order to ensure the employability of graduates. Assist students in finding training-oriented employment opportunities. Educate students, parents and communities on career planning.   

Diversity Statement


The Bahir Dar University Career Center is committed to the university’s advancement of diversity, equity and inclusion and recognizes that these principles are integral to our work. It is necessary for Bahir Dar university students to develop intercultural understanding and inclusive communication practices in order to be a positive influence in the global workplace. We seek to create a welcoming environment in all that we do, ensuring that all identities, perspectives and experiences are heard, respected and valued in conversations about career and professional development. We develop programs and resources to support underrepresented and minoritized students in achieving personally rewarding careers. We will continue to listen, learn and serve as advocates for all members of the Bahir Dar University community as we support individuals on their personal and professional journeys

Core Values



We commit to ensuring that all identities, perspectives and experiences are heard, respected and valued.

Holistic Approach

We recognize the unique needs of each person acknowledge the multitude of factors that influence decision-making and maintain an environment of trust, honesty and transparency.

Continuous Learning

We embrace a growth mindset and stay open to all opportunities to learn, innovate and educate.


We make meaningful connections between opportunities, people, resources and ideas.


We take time to encourage each other and celebrate success in all its forms.

Outcome Measure

Students with improved clarity on career path and improved soft skills and entrepreneurial skills


This strategy will enable students to present and demonstrate their competency better, making them more attractive to employers. They will also have more clarity on their career path and will be in the position to meet the knowledge, skills and attitude requirements of wage employment or self-employment.


Estimated 10,000 students per university

Resources Required

ICT support for database management of student careers and jobs

Definition Of Success

>90% of graduating students will have improved career skills, entrepreneurial skills and clarity on their career path.


  • Establish career center
  • Organize Career Week in different sectors
  • Conduct trainings
  • Maintain relationships with colleges
  • Post-training assessments



Please familiarize yourself with Career Center policies and procedures to maximize your success and to avoid any penalties.


University President