Students’ English Language

Students’ English Language


The purpose of this strategy is to enhance the communication skills of our graduates which increase their employability.


  • Develop their intellectual, personal and professional abilities.
  •  Acquire basic language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) in order to communication with speakers of English language. ...
  • Develop their awareness of the importance of English as a means of international communication.

Outcome measure

Enhanced quality of the learning experience of the students. Students able to communicate well in English.


The training focuses at improving students' oral and written communication skills which can help students' understanding of the subject matter and employability.


The strategy will be implemented in all departments and for all third year and above students which may be estimated to be 10,000 on average. 

Resources required

 ICT support for database management of students

Definition of success

By 2020 our graduates will be able to effectively communicate in English and will meet the requirements of the labor market and this will increase their demand in the labor market.


1. Establishing/Strengthening ELEPS
2. Materials and guideline prepared
3. Training
4. Forming clubs
5. Evaluating the trainees performance


 Academic Vice President


We estimate that the current average score of students on standardized communication ability test is less than 40%. We aim to take this to 55% in one year time and 82% in two years.