Students Assessment

Students Student assessment  


Student assessment is the process of evaluating students' abilities and achievements. ... While in some minds “standardized testing” is synonymous with “student assessment,” student assessment actually encompasses a variety of ways to determine how students are progressing in their learning.


The purpose of assessment is to gather relevant information about student performance or progress, or to determine student interests to make judgments about their learning process. ... It also encourages the understanding of teaching as a formative process that evolves over time with feedback and input from students.

Outcome measure

Enhancing the employability competencies of the students and thereby achieve wage-employment or self-employment after graduation


Effective student assessment enhances cognitive, psychometric and affective domains of learners  and ensuring mastery of such competencies guarantee their employment in their field of study


Student assessment will be implemented throughout all of our regular undergraduate students

Resources required

Teachers, university management (leaders), external examiners, class-rooms, adequate budget, continuous assessment software

Definition of success

The expected success indicator for this strategy is employment of ≥80% of our graduates in 2018/19, 2019/20 and 2020/21. By doing so, our graduates will have industry-needed competencies.


1. Strengthened Continuous Assessment Implementation in 2018
2. Introduced or Strengthened External Assessment Practice in 2019


Academic Vice President