Teachers Assessment


To improve teachers' performance through reliable, objective, independent, transparent, validated, appropriate and reflective assessment.

Outcome measure

Improved performance from internal and independent or external evaluation


Quality education was indicated as the major challenge, of which a major cause is poor teacher performance. Therefore the priorities for providing quality education are improved teacher competence, improved disposition skill and improved pedagogical skill.


The number of frontline teachers is estimated to be 1450

Resources required


Definition of success

Independent, reliable and reflective teacher assessment in place. Competent teachers with improved pedagogical skills, leading to improved quality of education.


1. Revised teacher evaluation checklist in 2018
2. Improved awareness among involved stakeholders in 2018
3. Internal evaluation system in place
4. External evaluation in place in 2018
5. Validated performance report in 2019
6. Reward and incentives introduced in 2019


Academic Vice President