What are employability skills?

Employers have high regard for employability skills because they are much harder to teach than job-specific skills. Some employable qualities come naturally, while others can be acquired through education, work or daily practice. You may already have some of the key employment skills, but you can work to improve those skills and develop new ones. Here are 10 common employability skills that employers look for:

  1. Communication
  2. Teamwork
  3. Reliability
  4. Problem-solving
  5. Organization and planning
  6. Initiative
  7. Self-management
  8. Leadership
  9. Learning
  10. Technology
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Employability skills are transferrable skills that are useful in nearly every job. They involve the development of an expertise, knowledge base or mindset that makes you more attractive to employers. Employability skills are also often referred to as employment skills, soft skills, work-readiness skills or foundational skills. They often improve your performance, minimize errors and promote collaboration with your coworkers, enabling you to perform your role more effectively.