Biology Postgraduate Program (MSc)

The students attending this program could acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude for teaching biology at secondary and tertiary levels and for conducting research that could help them contribute to the development of the country. The MSc degree is offered in the following five fields of specialization: Applied Microbiology, Biomedical Sciences, Botanical Sciences, Genetics, and Zoological Sciences.

Admission requirement

B.Sc. or B.Ed. degree in biology or an equivalent professional certification such as general agriculture, forestry, animal sciences, plant sciences, health sciences from a recognized higher education institution.

Other entrance requirements set by the University as indicated in the University’s legislation.

Duration of the study

The MSc program takes a minimum of two and a maximum of three years in the regular program, and a minimum of three and a maximum of four years in the summer and extension programs.

Graduation requirement

For graduation, a student must take a minimum of 24 Credit hours and thesis work, and should score a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 with no “F” grade in the course work, and a "pass" (i.e. excellent, very good, good or fair) grade in the MSc thesis work.

Degree awarded: Master of Science Degree in Biology (including stream of specialization).


Biology Postgraduate Program (PhD)

Realizing the demand of teachers for higher institutions and advanced researchers at a national scale, the department is upgrading the existing masters programs into doctoral programs. Currently, the department launched two PhD programs: Plant Biology and Applied Microbiology.

Admission requirement

Candidates should satisfy the following minimum requirements for admission to the PhD programs.

MSc or MEd degree in Biology or equivalent field such as agriculture, biotechnology, forestry, plant science, health science from a recognized higher education institution.

Other entrance requirements set by the University as would be indicated in the University documents (guidelines, bylaws).

Duration of the study

The PhD program in Plant Biology requires a minimum of three and a maximum of five years.

The average duration of the PhD program in Applied Microbiology is four years with possible extension.

Graduation requirement

The minimum total credit hours for course work shall be 12 for those whose terminal degree is MSc/MEd in Biology. Students will be eligible for graduation upon successful completion of all specified courses (a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00) and a "pass" grade in the defense of the doctoral dissertation.

Degree awarded: PhD degree in Biology (including field of specialization)