Message from the Science College Laboratory Manager

By their nature, courses offered by most of the Departments in Science College need to be supported by practical activities so that students can easily internalize the secret behind the theory. For this reason, laboratories in the College need to be equipped with the necessary chemicals and equipment besides the necessity for an autonomous laboratory managment.

Bahir Dar University in general and the Science College in particular are working towards the improvment of the quality of delivery of all laboratory course in the College. Among the many, the college of science

  • Created a managerial position at  a “Manager” level responsible for the overall performance improvement  of all laboratories in the college both at the under-graduate and post-graduate levels.
  • Prepared “Guidelines of the teaching and research laboratories in Science College” draft document which is expected to be endorsed by the College Academic Counsel (AC) soon.
  • With the intention to equip the science college laboratories with the necessary inputs, the college pledged a precuremnt  of chemicals and instruments, which may cost tenses of millions of Birr.
  • Urged the departments that manage laboratory courses to prepare an organized and standardized manual for every laboratory course. 36 laboratory course manuals are currently being prepared by Biology, Chemistry and Physics staffs.
  • An attempt has been made to resolve the laboratory space problems faced in chemistry and physics laboratory spaces by partitioning a total of seven rooms.

These and other actions taken by the College demonstrated the extent the College is dedicated to tasks targeted at improving the quality of practical courses in all departments of the College.

Supervision results on academic activities in the college laboratories by the year 2013-2014 an observable improvement on the number of laboratory activities conducted per laboratory course, the implimentation of quality and timely laboratory course delivery, and the reduction in the number of complains both on laboratory managment and delivery system in most of the laboratory owning departments confirming the fruitfullness of the laboratory based efforts made by the College. The observed changes (improvments) witnessed us that many folds of improvments could be achieved at all the laboratories if the requests by departments such as the chemical, equipment, etc purchase are realized.

The Science College Laboratory Manager believes that the University managment to gether with the College Dean office will continue supporting and empowering the laboratories to materialize its  drim of transforming  the Science Laboratories to “Research Grade” thereby to “Research Center” level. 

Students Working in Chemistry Laboratory   



Students working in Physics Laboratory




Secondary School Students during the 2nd Annual Science Conference


Outreach Students Working in the Laboratories in Summer Program