Community Service


We are dedicated to serve our community!

The Faculty members of the College of science, Bahir Dar University, are ready and willing to deliver community service on the areas mentioned below.

Science and Education

  • Assist Science Education at primary, secondary and preparatory levels
  • Lab. manual preparation
  • Chemicals and equipment management
  • Preparation of projects supporting school facilities
  • Theoretical and practical training for teachers and lab. technicians
  • Training on subject area methods and research methodology
  • Preparation of text books with supplementary exercises
  • Curriculum design and development
  • Guidance and counseling

Environmental issues

  • Training on identifying, collecting, preserving and handling some common plant and animal species both inside and outside the University
  • Training on preventing environmental degradation, soil and water pollution
  • Training on bio-safety and handling of environmental pollutants

Awareness creation on:

  • Traffic related issues and safety rules
  • How to handle and use agrochemicals (Pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, etc.)
  • proper use of sewerages and waste disposal
  • Urban agriculture (integrated farming)


  • Explore and promote the use of alternative energy forms e.g. biogas, biodiesel, bio-ethanol, etc
  • Encourage to use post-harvest technology (Use of organic and improvised natural products)
  • Environmental impact assessment (pilot studies to identify potential sources of waste materials in our city)
  • Development of waste management technology
  • Recycling of wastes and preparation of compost

Health related issues

  • Personal and environmental hygiene (Health care)
  • Ethno botany (communication with cultural practitioners and awareness creation on how to use medicinal plants)
  • Keep our University clean from wastes and other old or unnecessary materials
  • Data (Knowledge) Management
  • Consultancy services
  • Project document preparation on different issues (Project development)
  • Data handling (processing and mining)