About Statistics Program

Department of Statistics is a recently opened department in the college of science. It offers different courses for a number of other departments. The department offers a number of fundamental and advanced statistics courses to various departments in almost all faculties, colleges, schools and institutes in the University.


The objective of the program is to train middle level statisticians in order to meet the demands of the socioeconomic, business and development sectors in the country: Specifically, the department gives quality education to train middle level statisticians who can serve in collecting, processing and analyzing statistical data; assist in statistical research undertakings and provision of statistical services; manage and supervise the activities of statistical units or offices at both government and nongovernmental organizations.

Program of studies

Department of statistics offers an undergraduate program. Undergraduate statistics students are offered a number of major, supportive and common courses. Statistics major students take 57 credit hours of compulsory major courses, 16 credit hours of mathematics courses, 9 Credit hours of computer science courses, 9 credit hours of economics courses and 9 credit hours of common courses. Furthermore, interested students can also take elective course during the final semester