About Mathematics Program

Welcome to BDU , Mathematics Department

Brief History of the department

When the Academy of Pedagogy was established in 1972, mathematics was one of the four subjects given as minor while pedagogy was the major subject. Most of the graduates from this program used to be assigned as teachers in Teachers Training Institutes which were training teachers for primary schools. Some of them were assigned as supervisors for primary schools and directors for secondary schools.

Later, in 1978, a two year diploma program in mathematics and other subjects was introduced and along with this program the “Department of Mathematics” was established. The main objective of this program was to train teachers for junior and secondary schools. Besides the regular program, the department was offering in-service program for teachers in the two months of summer.

The diploma program continued until 1996. Then the department was upgraded to a four year degree program and the institution was transformed to Bahir Dar University.  Here, students were trained to be teachers in secondary schools, colleges and universities. In 2004, when the university started distance education program in many fields, mathematics was one of them. In the year 2006, the dept started a two year master of education in mathematics program. Later in 2008, it broadened the program to include a two year MSc program in mathematics. Several competent mathematicians, who are currently serving in various higher learning institutions of the country graduated from this department.

Since its inception in 1972, the department has changed enormously. It started with less than five staff members and now has grown to more than 51 staff members of which 8 are PhD holders, 10 are on study leave for PhD, 3 are on study leave for MSc. and the rest are on duty. Recently, a research group led by senior staff members of the department is established in different fields of specialization. Moreover, the department has launched MSc programme in Algebra, Functional analysis and Numerical analysis.

The Department, though listed in the Faculty of Science, has applications extend to many other disciplines. It offers a number of courses to most schools, colleges, faculties and institutions across the university.

Research interests of our distinguished faculty include algebra, differential equations, dynamical systems, functional analysis, complex and harmonic analysis, mathematical modeling, and numerical analysis.

We offer instruction that leads to bachelor's, and master's degrees in mathematics. We also offer a distance bachelor’s program. Faculties in the mathematics department are involved in many sorts of service not directly related to teaching or research. The department also supports activities and programs for middle and high school students, for their teachers, and for the general public.

The department has also planned to open a PhD program soon. The draft curriculum is completed and the curriculum committee of the university is looking in to it.

The department of mathematics is housed in the mathematics and physics building in the main campus of BDU.

We invite you to explore our webpage and take the opportunity to find out more about our department.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to conduct and disseminate research, to provide outstanding instruction at the undergraduate and graduate levels in all areas of mathematics, and to engage with the broader scientific community and with the public at large.