The Department of Mathematics has undertaken PhD thesis defense virtually

Following the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, most activities of the department of Mathematics have been implemented using online platforms. Last week, from June 5 – 9, 2020, the department of Mathematics has successfully conducted five PhD thesis defenses virtually.   Four of the thesis works were from pure mathematics stream in Algebra and one thesis work was from the applied mathematics stream in Numerical Analysis.

To the extent possible, the department played its maximum effort to let the virtual thesis defense replicate as many components of the face-to-face defense, including introducing the departments’ academic programs, research interests and history in general besides the normal introductions of the chair, examiners, supervisors and the candidates.   

The participants of the virtual defense were our academic staffs, postgraduate students, supervisors and internal and external examiners. In the current defense, the external examiners were from Turkey and India, and the internal examiners were from Addis Ababa and Jima in Ethiopia. The department noticed that the opportunity created to allow the candidates’ home base university staff members to follow the program live in big screens.

The department congratulates all the candidates for the fruitful works and for all the successful academic efforts that they have come across in their stay as its students. The department also expressed its heartwarming feeling and thanks to ICT support teams at BDU, DU, UG and DBU for all the assistances they have made for the successful accomplishment of the virtual thesis defense.

The PhD candidate’s name and thesis title, and their corresponding supervisors and examiners detail are given in the table below.


Candidate’s Name

                  Title of the thesis

Supervisor’s Name

Examiner’s Name


Mr. Wondossen Gebeyaw

Numerical treatment of different classes of second order singularly perturbed differential equations

Dr. Awoke Andargie and Dr. Getachew Adamu

External:  Prof.  Dr. Y.N. Reddy and Prof. P. Pramod Chakaravanthy from India.                                                    Internal: Dr. Gemechis File Durresa from JU


Mr. Gezahegn Mulat Adis

L-fuzzy ideals and L-Fuzzy congruence Relations in universal algebra

Dr. Berhanu Assaye  and Dr. Mihret Alamneh

External: Prof.  G.C. Rao from India and Prof. Unsar Tekir from Turkey. Internal: Dr. Zelalem Teshome  from AAU.


Mr. Teferi Getachew Alemayehu

Fuzzy ideals and Fuzzy congruence Relations of MS –Algbras

Dr. Berhanu Assaye  and Dr. Mihret Alamneh

 External: Prof. V.E.S. Murthy, Prof. U.M. Swamy  and Prof. R.K Parimi  from India.                                    Internal:


Mr. Wondwosen Zemene Norahun

Further on Fuzzy ideals of Lattices

Dr. Berhanu Assaye  and Dr. Mihret Alamneh

 External: Prof. V.E.S. Murthy and   Prof. U.M. Swamy from India, and Prof.  Ay Darani from Iran.                                  Internal:


Mr.  Derso Abeje Engidaw

 L-fuzzy ideals and Filters of  a poset

Dr. Berhanu Assaye  and Dr. Mihret Alamneh

 External: Prof.  G.C. Rao from India and Prof. Unsar Tekir from Turkey. Internal: Dr. Zelalem Teshome from AAU.