Berhanu Abraha Tsegay


  1. Certificate on Leadership and Management Capacity Development - Center for International Cooperation (Amsterdam) and Ministry of Education FDRE, April 10 – 15, 2011.
  2. Higher Diploma in Teaching - Bahir Dar University (Ethiopia), Sept. 2004 – June 2005.
  3. Ph.D. degree in Biology (see topic of dissertation on page 6) - University of Tromso (Norway), 1998 - 2002.
  4. Certificate in Radiation Safety - University of Tromso (Norway), 2002.
  5. Certificate on Field Research of Tropical Forests - Earth Watch Europe, European Union Awards, 1995.
  6. M.Sc. degree in Biology (see topic of thesis on page 6) - Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia), 1988-1990.
  7. B.Sc. degree in Biology (see topic of senior project on page 6) - Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia), 1981-1984.

License from my PhD work:  Effect of red and far-red light on inhibition of hypocoytyl elongation in ecotypes of Betula pendla Roth.

II. WORK EXPERIENCE (all years are in Gregorian calendar)

  1. Associate Professor: Bahir Dar University, July 2004 – Present. (for 14 years)
  2. Assistant Professor:  Bahir Dar University, July 1995 – June 2004.
  3. Lecturer:                   Addis Ababa University, Bahir Dar Teachers College, 1990 - 1995.
  4. Assistant Lecturer:    Addis Ababa University, Bahir Dar Teachers College, 1986 - 1988.
  5. Graduate Assistant:  Addis Ababa University, Bahir Dar Teachers College, 1984\85.



A. At Undergraduate Program

  1. Introduction to Algae and Fungi (Biol. 204)
  2. Cryptogamic Botany (Biol. 221, 111)
  3. Introduction to Flowering Plants (Biol. 203)
  4. Introduction to Mammalian Anatomy and Physiology (Biol. 207)
  5. Introduction to Soil Science (Biol. 331)
  6. Plant Physiology (Biol. 416)

At Graduate Program (MEd, MSc and PhD)

  1. Advanced Plant Physiology (Biol. 511, Biol. 611 and 617)
  2. Biodiversity and Ethiopian Ecosystems (Biol. 642 and 644)
  3. Seminar in Teaching Biology (Biol. 701)
  4. Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition (Biol. 648)
  5. Advanced Ethnobotany (Biol. 612)
  6. Ecosystem Ecology and Management (Biol. 6211)
  7. Selected Topics in Plant Physiology (Biol. 804)
  8. Advances in Plant Ecophysiology (Biol. 805)
  9. Coordinating Independent Study (Biol.893)
  10. Coordinating Bioseminars (Biol. 891 and Biol. 7019)
  11. Plant Physiology and Stresses (Biol. 811.1 for Mekelle University PhD students)



  1. Submitted Manuscripts
  • Wubetie Adnew, Berhanu Abraha Tsegay, Asaminew Tassew, Bimrew Asmare (2019). Effect of harvesting stage and altitude on agronomic and nutritional characteristics of six Brachiaria grasses in northwestern Ethiopia
  • Berhane Gebreslassie Gebreegziabher and Berhanu Abraha Tsegay (2019). Current Global View Points: Prediction on Distribution, Record  types and Scientific Names of Abyssinian pea (Pisuma byssinicum A.Braun) Using Classification Regression Tree (CRT) Analyses.
  • Wubetie Adnew, Berhanu Abraha Tsegay, Asaminew Tassew, Bimrew Asmare (2019). Effect of altitudes and harvesting stages on plant characters, forage yield and chemical composition of Brachiaria grass cultivars in northwestern Ethiopia.
  • Wubetie Adnew, Berhanu Abraha Tsegay, Asaminew Tassew and Bimrew Asmare (2019). Evaluation of Brachiaria hybrid Mulato II hay as a basal diet for growing local sheep in Ethiopia.
    1. Published and/or accepted articles in Journals
  1. Catherine L. Cardelús, Carrie L. Woods, Amare BitewMekonnen, Sonya Dexter, Peter R. Scull, and BerhanuAbrahaTsegay (2019). Human disturbance impacts the integrity of sacred church forests, Ethiopia.(Accepted for publication)
  2. Asmamaw Tadesse, Berhanu Abraha Tsegay and Birhanu Belay (2019). Plants of veterinary importance in rural Bahir Dar, northwest Ethiopia. (accepted for publication)
  3. Dilnessa Gashaye, Goraw Goshu, Berhanu Abraha (2019). Temporal and spatial phytoplankton biomass dynamics in southern Gulf of Lake Tana, Northwestern Ethiopia. International Journal of Aquatic Biology. 7(1): 1 – 8.
  4. Berhanu Abraha Tsegay and Melaku Andarge. (2018). Seed priming with Gibberelic Acid (GA3) alleviates salinity  induced inhibition of germination and seedling growth of Zea mays, Pisum sativum Var abyssinicum and Lathyrus sativus. J. Crop Sci. Biotech. 21 (3) : 261 – 267
  5. Berhane Gebresilassie and Berhanu A. Tsegay (2018). Evaluation of farmers’ knowledge on the rare Abyssinian pea (Pisum sativum var. abyssinicum) landraces of Ethiopia. Biodiversitas. 19(5): 1851 – 1865.
  6. Berhanu A. Tsegay, Adane T/tadik Woldeyes and Catherine Cardelus (2018). Traditional use of botanicals in reducing post harvest loss at crop stacking stage in Ethiopia. A case of Farta district. Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge. 17(3): 534 – 541.
  7. Wubetie Adnew, Berhanu A. Tsegay, Asaminew Tassew and Bimrew Asmare .(2018). Assessments of farmers′ perception and utilization status of Brachiaria grass in selected areas of Ethiopia. Biodiversitas. 19(3): 951-962.
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  1. Momona Ethiopian Journal of Sciences
  2. Ethiopian Journal of Science and Technology (I was founder and chief editor of the journal for 4 years).