About the Department of Physics

About Physics Department

The Department is currently consists of 34 active Academic Staffs  on the job and 5 Technical Assistants and has 7 research units:

  • 6 associate professors
  • 7 assistant professors
  • 13 lecturers
  • 13 Staff on study leave (from MSc to PhD)
  • 6 graduate assistant
  • 2 Expatriate
  • 47 Total Number of staffs


  • B.Sc. and B.Ed. Programs
  • MSc in different Programs
  • Well-equipped undergraduate labs
  • WaGRL

Research Group

  • Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics- Head of Group Dr. 
  • Space, Atmospheric and Astrophysics- Head of the Group Dr. Melessew
  • Thin Film Characterization Physics- Head of the Group Dr. Amare
  • Laser Spectroscopy and Photophysics- Head of the Group Dr. Getasew
  • Semiconductor and Nanomaterials Physics- Head of the Group Dr. Moges
  • Glass Ceramics and Piezoelectric Physics- Head of the Group Dr. Haileeyesus
  • Physics Education- Head of the Group Mr. Zinaye


The Department of Physics at BDU is well known in both the theoretical and experimental cross-disciplinary research. One of Our researches in the area is Space Science and radar science under the Washera Geospace and Radar Science Laboratory (WaGRL). This is a pioneer Lab in the establishment of the African Space Society. The Condensed Matter Theory Group is also working well in achieving the Department goal to be a primer in BDU.  Nowadays, the Department is focusing on the establishment and expansion of the experimental teams. In line with that, the team is organized as thin-film characterization, semiconductor and nanomaterials, Materials, Photonics, and Laser plasmas spectroscopy, Glass, Ceramics and Piezoelectric research groups. Joint facilities are available such as laser, autoclave, hotplate, UV/Vis Spectrometer, FTIR, DSC, He-Ne Laser, Thickness Profilometer, and still in progress of purchasing other experimental facilities for each research Units.


The objective of the program is to produce professional physicists who are equipped with basic scientific skills; to conduct research and to train secondary school teachers in physics.


We have been giving the number of courses at the undergraduate level for Physicists, Geologist and Engineering students. The undergraduate level, we teach basic physics in combination with specialized Physics courses.

Masters Program in Physics

The master’s focus on the 

  • Theoretical Solid-State Physics,
  • Space Physics,
  • Atmospheric Physics,
  • Semiconductor Physics,
  • Laser Physics,
  • Quantum Optics, and
  • Physical Electronics. 

At Masters Level we are working to launch a master’s program in Nanophysics and Photonics

Ph.D. Programs

The active Ph.D. program includes 

  • Space Physics 
  • Atmospheric Physics and
  • Theoretical Solid State Physics.

We are also working to launch a new Ph.D. program in Advanced Materials and Solar Cells.