Statue unveiled

BDU unveils a statue of the late Tsehay Jemberu (PhD)

Bahir Dar University has erected and unveiled a statue in memory of Dr. Tsehay Jemberu, former president of the university, in front of the library named after him in the presence of higher officials. The unveiling was historical as it was made on the day the university graduated7520 students in a virtual graduation ceremony for the first time.

Dr Tsehaye Jemberu who started his life at Bahir Dar University as a College student at the then Bahir Dar Teachers Training College was one of the most outstanding students of his time. Many remember him for his intelligence. Dr Tsehay spent great share of his professional career in Bahir Dar University፡ teaching, researching and serving in different academic and administrative capacities. In all his participation, he is remembered as a man who does his job with great diligence, sincerity and integrity.

During his tenure as President of the University which lasted for a little more than three years, he developed a 20-year strategic plan for the university and carried out various development activities. He has also worked on expanding educational programs. He was also noted for his endeavour to improve quality of education at different levels. He was a great decision maker who was always ready to take risks. He was successful in fulfilling the infrastructure of the university in his brief time as a president. He remains in the heart of many who couldn’t pursue their higher education studies due to their remote location or otherwise as he was the founder of the distance education program that the university currently runs. His contribution was not limited only to BDU, but he served in different capacities in various institutions. He was kind hearted that he worries a lot about those children who were forced to go to school on an empty stomach. In an attempt to solve this problem, he had developed a proposal to feed those students and initiated serious discussions with people concerned in an attempt to realize its implementation.

Dr Tsehay Jemberu was not only a teacher and researcher, he was also an author. He has published more than seven books. Through his books which were different in their genre, he tried to instruct, inspire, influence his readers in a belief to impact his people for a better tomorrow. He is critical of the statuesque be it social or political in a way that evoke readers to see their reality from different perspectives.

Honouring his outstanding contribution, Bahir Dar University has installed a statue in Peda Campus close to a library named after him. The senate of Bahir Dar university hasn’t waited long to decide standing of a statue, naming a library in peda campus after his name, and opening Dr Tsehay Jemberu memorial free scholarship program.The top management of the university should be appreciated for deciding to erect the first ever statue for the university which will be a beacon of success for both students and a professionals.

In the unveiling ceremony of Dr Tsehay Jemberus’s memorial statue, a lot of people were present including his family, Dr Firew Tegegne, Presient of BDU, H.E. Dr Engineer Sileshi Bekele and other government officials, colleagues and friends.

Now, Dr Tsehay Jemberu lives with us forever, and the erection of the statue, as Dr Firew Tegegne has remarked ,will be a source of inspiration for all those who will join BDU as the it tells many great things to students about an extra ordinary man whose life both as a student, teacher, researcher and leader was exemplary.


Thursday 30, 2020
Bahir Dar University
August, 2020