Message from Director

University-Industry and Technology Transfer Directorate

This Directorate is working its tasks under the vice president for research and community service office. It has been working hard under the umbrella of university’s mission and vision; to become one of the ten premier research universities in Africa by 2025. The office understood that effective and efficient University-Industry Linkage is a necessary condition for the tested knowledge and technologies to be transferred from university to the industry. Having sustainably smooth and effective linkage among stakeholders in the industry could bring space for practically oriented education and research activities. Hence, products emanating from the university such as graduates and the research outputs (knowledge, technologies, and innovations) have been easily absorbed by the industry. Among other things, the following specific contributions are expected from University-Industry and Technology Transfer Directorate:


  • Have memorandum of understanding (MOU) and establishing strong and sustainable partnership with the industries (both nationally and internationally) that can serve as incubation center to be used by university students and staffs for their internship, externship and research purpose. It can also serve as a means for technologies wider application to the community.
  • Establish platform composing of different stakeholders that can enhance technology transfer from the university to the industry; and vice versa. Reviewing the technology itself and assessing feedback for the transferred technologies from the beneficiaries for improvement.
  • Collect and foster cutting edge technologies which have been developed from the university or outside the university as far as these technologies are demanded by the industries
  • Support and oversee the establishment and operation of incubation centers providing an environment for innovation, entrepreneurship and new business growth, supporting ICT, engineering and services start-up companies;
  • Encourage researchers to bring down their research outputs (knowledge, technologies, and innovation)  into the community where it is suitable for wider application to solve the societal challenges
  • Establish University-affiliated Enterprises on certain selected technologies (University-Industry Cooperative Research)
  • Investigating and proposing mitigation of the limitations in all stakeholders; the industry, the government and the university to work on University-Industry cooperative research which is very rarely carried out at the moment.
  • Enhancing awareness of the need of transformation of the industry to a knowledge-based industry through utilization of knowledge and technology generated from universities.
  • Following up on the establishment of technological and non-technological Innovation Incubation Centers;
  • Liaising  with existing innovation incubation centers;
  • Acquiring technologies and facilitating technology testing and value adding;
  • Call researchers to demonstrating and popularize their technologies to the community;
  • Coordinating and facilitating the development of policies and overseeing the implementation of Intellectual Property Rights of the university;
  • Collaborating with the relevant College/Faculty/ institutes/schools and Research centers in executing the above activities.


Yeshambel Meluriaw (PhD)