Friday Seminar

The Faculty of Humanities holds the first seminar of the new academic year 

It has become an academic routine for the Faculty of Humanities BDU to hold academic seminars since some more than a decade now. Many seminars with diversified topics from all the fields of studies in the faculty have been held. Today's paper was presented by Tewodros Yideg from the Department of Theatrical Arts on the title: “ሴትነት፣እምቢተኝነትና ነፃነት፡- የቃቄ ውርድዎት ትውፊታዊ ተውኔት ሂሳዊ ግምገማ” and moderated by Dr. Sintaheyu Degu, Faculty’s V/Dean for postgraduate, research and community services.

The faculty has schedule Friday afternoons for seminars; subsequently, classes are not conducted for this purpose. This undertaking, in addition to becoming a platform for academic discussions, it has been benefiting graduate program students to exercise academic presentations of their theses and dissertations. Similar academic discourses are very important in our university as we strive towards becoming one of the premium research universities in Africa. Based on questions and comments from the audience, reflections were made.


In the seminar, the dean, vice deans, teachers, graduate and under graduate students participated.