Discussion held with team from the ministry on autonomy

The Minister of Ministry of Education Professor Birhanu Nega and the Minister of State for Education Dr. Samuel Kifle held discussion on the topic of making Bahir Dar University Autonomous in the presence of senior officials of the university including the president.

Opening the discussion, Dr. Frew welcomed the guests and mentioned that the university has been doing a lot to make the university a research university by forming a seven-member committee. The chairperson of the committee, Dr. Dagnachew Aklog, introduced in detail the activities carried out and pointed out that the university would do better in many ways with an autonomous administration.

Prof. Birhanu Nega on his part said that unlike other government institutions, universities are required to be autonomous with an ambition to help create a society that seeks knowledge and truth, as well as a generation that thinks freely and is devoted to the country. The professor explained that change is needed to become autonomous and the restructuring will be done in a way that doesn't affect anyone and hence the society should not be afraid of the change.

Minister of State for Education, Dr. Samuel Kifle in the paper he presented explained the criteria used to become an autonomous university. He added the government’s support and supervision doesn’t stop because of autonomy. Expressing that the discussion is the first to be held with universities concerning autonomy, Dr. Samuel said the team from the Ministry will come back after 6 months and take a look at the university's capacity and the activities carried out according to the directions given and make decision.