Blue Economy

A National Validation workshop held
National Validation workshop on the baseline assessment report of the contribution of Blue Economy to the sustainable economic development of Ethiopia is held form November 17-18/ 2021 in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.
Welcoming all, in his opening remarks, Dr. Firew Tegegne, President of Bahir Dar University gave brief overview about Bahir Dar University. In his address, the president highlighted the attention given to Fisheries and aquatic sciences in the University. The president also mentioned the flagship projects the university is currently working on through Inter-University projects in areas of watershed management/Land resilience and aquatic Sciences like PLANE3T and SATREP.
Dr Firew underscored the necessity of diversified economic activities for Africans to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He mentioned Ethiopia’s effort to using its hydro-electric potential to satisfy its energy demand and to bring regional integration in the horn of Africa.
The president appreciated IGAD for the Blue Economy project which he believed is more right when executed in the context of the horn of Africa, an area with an untapped Blue economic potential. He confirmed the Bahir Dar University’s readiness to support IGAD in areas of Blue Economy Research, innovation and trainings. He finally wished successful discussions and deliberations in the workshop and thanked the organizers of the workshop form IGAD.
Dr. Eshete Dejen, Fisheries and Aquaculture Officer at FAO, and Coordinator of the Blue Economy project, said that the Blue Economy is a concept related to an integration of water related economic activities like Fishery, tourism, hydro-electric power, maritime and the like. Dr. Eshete indicated that Bahir Dar is selected for the workshop because of Bahir Dar University which is center of Excellence in areas of Blue Economy like the maritime, Fisheries and tourism and the Lake Tana, a hub of blue economic activities- fish, Sand and transportation.
Dr Wassie Anteneh, Regional Fisheries Expert from IGAD presented the objectives of the workshop He said the in the workshop it is intended to review the draft baseline report and update the gaps, to validate the baseline reports and to create national Blue Economy platform.
As the Blue Economy is a new concept, awareness creation workshops will be held for the benefit of a range of people from policy level experts to the practitioners and beneficiaries. It is also learned that similar validation workshops are scheduled to be held in all eight IGAD countries.
Experts and officers from more than four ministries, researchers from different institutes, regional experts and teacher-researchers from Bahir Dar University participated in the workshop.