Bizuayehu Kerisew Semahagn

Name                                                   Bizuayehu Kerisew Semahagn
Address                                               Bahir Dar University, Department of Biology          
Cell Phone                                           +251918760090
Email                                         ,

i. Lecturer in the Department of Biology, Bahir Dar University (Since Sept. 2002- Feb. 2012)

iii. Assistant Professor of Genetics and Molecular Biology, Bahir Dar University (Since Feb. 2012- to date) engaged in teaching Under Graduate, Postgraduate students and research activities.

B.Sc. in Biology          Addis Ababa University
M.Sc. in Cytogenetics             Punjabi University, India

Ph.D. in Genetics and Molecular Biology                  Punjabi University, India


i. Higher Diploma in Teacher Education

ii. Certificates of GIS training (2)

iii. Certificate of Computer basic programming

iii. Certificate of Bioinformatics Training


  1. Reviewed the New Grade 12 Biology Text Book in the Ministry of Education (July 2002)
  2. Vertebrate Zoology Module for undergraduate students
  3. Introduction to Genetics Module for undergraduate students
  4. Introduction to Evolution Module for undergraduate students
  5. Introduction to Molecular Biology module for undergraduate students
  6. Introduction to Biotechnology module for undergraduate students.
  7. MSc in Applied Genetics Curriculum
  8. PhD in Biotechnology curriculum


  1. Continuing Education Coordinator, Main Campus, Bahir Dar University (Sept 2002-may 2007)
  2. Course Chairman of Genetics and Molecular Biology Stream, Department of Biology, Bahir Dar University (Since June 2013 to date).
  3. Research and Community Service Coordinator of College of Science since April 2016-Sept. 2017),
  4. Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Science and Technology, Bahir Dar University (since April 2016-Sept. 2017).
  5. Research Director of Bahir Dar University (September 2017 to date)


  1. Techniques in Cytogenetic studies
  2. Techniques in Molecular biology and genetics
  3. Techniques in Histological and Histochemical analysis
  4. Bioinformatics techniques


  1. Enhancing the Quality and Market Share of Underutilized Coffee of Amhara Region through Chemical and Molecular Analysis, Post-Harvest loss reduction and Mapping for Authentication. (Ongoing)
  2. Cytotoxicity, Genotoxicity and DNA content alterations in Allium ceba root tip nuclei after treated with tannery, textile and soft drink industry effluents Discharged into the environment (Ongoing)
  3. Genetic, Lifestyle, and Environmental Determinants of Breast Cancer among Patients attending Selected Regional Hospitals of the Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia (ongoing)
  4. Host Genetic Factors associated with Susceptibility to HIV infection and disease course among HIV/AIDS patients visiting Felege Hiwot Hospital (Ongoing)
  5. Serological and Molecular characterization of Rota virus in children under five years of Age at Bahir Dar and its surroundings, North-West Ethiopia (Completed)
  6. The effect of nutritional status on disease progression and antiretroviral therapy efficacy in HIV infected individuals living in Bahir Dar (Completed).
  7. Cytogenetic Investigations on the Labeobarbus species Flock (Cyprinidae) of Lake Tana, Ethiopia (ongoing)
  8. Chromosome number and Karyotype Studies in Wild and Cultivated Anchote (Coccinia) Species (completed).
  9. Goiter Prevalence, Serum Selenium and Urine-Iodine Status among School aged Children (6-12) in an Endemic Goiter Areas of Burie and Womberima Districts in West Gojjam, Ethiopia (completed).
  10. Restoration of native Vegetation and Soil Properties at Jamma and Koga Watersheds, Lake Tana Basin (Completed)


  1. Habtom K., Endalkachew N., Abaineh M., Bizuayehu K., Melaku A. (2015). Prevalence of intestinal protozoan infections among individuals living with HIV/AIDS at Felegehiwot Referral Hospital, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. International Journal of Infectious Diseases 35:80-86.
  2. Abera A., Bezuayehu K, Endalkachew N., Abayneh M.  and Melaku A. (2014). Serum Zinc deficiency and associated factors among pre-ART and on-ART adults at Felege Hiwot Referal Hospital, Bahir Dar, North West Ethiopia. International Journal of Nutrition and Food Science 3(4):311-317.
  3. Harbhajan Kaur, Vikas Suman, Bizuayehu Kerisew, Nihdi Bansal and Rajdeep Kaur (2013). Chromosome Complements of Forty Four Species of Heteroptera from North India. Biojournal 12(2): 35-43.
  4. Semahagn, B.K.  and Kaur, H. (2010) Meiosis in three species of Heteroptera from Ethiopia (East Africa). Cytologia 75(2): 141-147.
  5. Semahagn, B.K. and Kaur, H. (2010) Meiosis in three predator species of the family Pentatomidae (Insecta: Heteroptera). Comparative Cytogenetics  4(2): 133-139. 
  6. Belay Kebede, Bizuayehu Kerisew and Dagnachew Lule (2017). Genetic Variation and Grain Yield Performance of some Improved Haricot Bean Varieties under Irrigated Conditions: The case of Bako Tibie District, West Shewa Zone, Ethiopia.  (Accepted)