Resource System and Technology Support



Resource System and Technology Support




Bahir Dar University, College of Business and Economics

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P.O Box. 79 , Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

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Duties and Responsibilities CoBE, Resource System and Technology Support Case Team

  •  Develop and maintain educational and research support technologies, websites, online resources;
  •  Provide timely, efficient and customer based printing and copying services
  •  Develop and produce audio-video resources: lectures, expert interviews, laboratory, experiments, conferences, historic places and events, movies
  •  Ensure the provision and functionality of classroom and syndicate rooms’ technologies, infrastructure
  •  Support and advise Course System Knowledge Database Teams (CSKD) teams in the development, maintenance and accessing of their respective electronic, digital, and other online course system resources
  • Ensure a conducive and efficient laboratory and demonstrative system