Dean's Congatulation Message to 2011 E.C Graduates of the College

Dean's Congratulation message to 2011 E.C graduates of the College On behalf of myself and College of Business and Economics, I would like to extend my warmest congratulation to each and every one of you on your great accomplishment. You should be proud of your hard-earned achievement. Remember that earning a degree from our highly demanded programs is not small feat. It is the result of your relentless dedication, hard work and engagement. This is a great milestone in your life as you are ending one journey and beginning another long-term journey in your life. In earning this degree, I am certain that you have grown as an individual, gained new experiences and acquired the necessary competencies that will allow you to progress on your career and tackle the most pressing challenges of your community and society. This graduation should be a joyful moment for you as it will unlock many doors of opportunity. I also congratulate your families as this moment marks the fulfillment of years of their anticipation and support. With all the excitement of your graduation and all of the opportunities it will bring to you, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that this nation invested on you from its shortage, the money that came from poor tax payers. All these investments were made to enable you become competitive, responsible and productive citizens equipped with the required knowledge, skills and attitudes. This is, therefore, to urge you to give back to your country by serving your nation professionally and responsibly. Graduation is not enough to discharge this huge responsibility but you need to be innovative and life-long learner as well. I have no doubt that you have all what it takes to shoulder this responsibility. I congratulate you once again and may your graduation be the beginning of bright future in your career. Meselu Alamnie (PhD) Dean, College of Business and Economics