Academic Calender


ACADEMIC CALENDAR FOR ALL REGULAR, and Extension and Summer Students (2021G.C. (2013 E.C.)

Tentative Academic Calendar


2013 AC


Miya Zia 7, 8

2013 Semester I, Registration for all UG regular students


Hamlie  9

End of Exam


Hamlie 10

 Non Graduating students clear from Campus


Hamlie 15

Last date for Grade Submission for all Regular UG students


Hamlie 17, 18

Registration for all summer & UG Graduating regular  students


Hamlie 19

Day one class one


Pagume 3

End of Exam for Summer students


Pagumie 4

All summer students clear from Campus


Hamlie 09- 27

Placement for Med, Vet. Med, Law, Engineering, and others


Hamlie 16(12  med, Law), 14, Engineering

Placement  Exam for  Med, Phar, Vet .med, Law


Hamlie 15

Freshman students clear from Campus( May continue for semester II)  in case there will be late admission


Hamlie 22

Placement for Med, Phar, Vet .med, Law


Hamlie 27

 Placement for all Bands


Meskerem 6, 7

2013 E.C, Semester II Registration for all Non graduation UG students


Tahisas 1

2013 E.C semester II, End of Exam  for all  UG non-graduating  students


2014, Meskerem 30

End of Exam for UG Graduating class students


Tikimit 05,

Last date for grade submission  for UG graduating class


Tikimit o9

Graduation by AC UG


Tikimit 11

Graduation By senate UG


Tikimit 13

Graduation ceremony for UG


2014 A.C

Tahisas 4, 5

2014 A.C semester I, Registration for all students


Tahisas 7

Day one class one


Megabit 08

End of Exam


Megabit 15

Last date for Grade Submission


Megabit 19, 20

Semester II registration


Megabit 22

Day one class one


Sene 23

End of Exam


Sene 30

Last date for Grade Submission


Hamlie 07

 Senate meeting ( Graduation and related)


Hamlie 09

Graduation date


Hamlie 12- pagumie 03