Community Service

The academic staff has delivered some community services on ad hoc basis. Most of the community services are serving as expert witness on various current and debatable issues on TV and radio station programs. This includes issues such as salary increase to the civil servants, inflation dynamics in Ethiopia, Stock Market Development in Ethiopia, Microfinance Outreach and Sustainability Issues, The Efficiency of the Ethiopian Insurance Sector, Insurance Sector Development and Its Impact on Economic Growth, Taxation issues etc.

In the very near future, we plan to do the community service outreach in a very organized manner in our identified modules each program of the college. The outreach will be provided training and consultancy services in various organizations, existing in different scale of operations, objectives and ownership, in Bahir Dar Town and other towns of the Amhara National Regional State. We also plan to organize a business literacy series program for the public in collaboration with Amhara Mass Media Agency. Here under is the community service flagship of each program of the college.

  • In Accounting and Finance Program- Basics of Accounting, public finance and taxation, Financial Accounting, Government and Other NFP Accounting and Accounting Information System
  • In Management Program- human resources management, organization behavior, system analysis and design, entrepreneurship and small business management, project analysis and management, strategic management , leadership and change management
  • In Marketing Management Program-Industrial Marketing, managing marketing programs and strategies, service marketing , tourism and hospitality management, agricultural marketing and commodity marketing
  • In Logistics and Supply Chain Management- Transportation Management, Purchasing and Strategic Supply Chain Management
  • Economics- Macroeconomics dynamics, Developmental planning , Project Analysis