Research Thematic Areas


Accounting: The challenge for Ethiopia to develop an accounting standard setting body or adopt IFRS; the use of accounting information for decision making; the status of record keeping in Ethiopia and the challenges ahead; tax evasion

Finance: Access to finance; the role of finance for development, the performance of financial institutions, the Missing link Stock market; financial literacy; corporate finance behaviors.

General Management: The challenges of managing organizations; change management; BPR;BSC; Entrepreneurship; Micro and Small Business

Marketing: Pricing decision by the business community; social marketing; Tourism Marketing; Advertising practices

Human Resource: Employee satisfaction in the job environment

Economics: Ethiopia’s challenge to achieve the GTP; Inflation dynamics; Determinants of poverty; Food security; Climate change, unemployment spells, structural change in the economy,

Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Freight transportation and city logistics; Procurement management; Supply chain management; Inventory management; Warehouse management