The college of Business and Economics was established in 2002 G.C at faculty level so as to respond the nation’s dire need of skilled labor force in the growing and tough competitive business environment both at home and abroad. In its early stage, there were few diploma programs and few undergraduate bachelor degree programs that are provided in the faculty of Business and Economics. Since then the faculty has shown rapid holistic expansion and was transformed into college of Business and Economics in 2009. Currently, the college is managing to run bachelor and masters degree programs. The undergraduate programs constitute Accounting and Finance, Management, Economics, Marketing management and Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Tourism and Hotel Management, delivered in regular, continuing education (evening) and summer syllabus. Along with the production of professional business and logistic managers, accountants, economists, marketing specialists, the college shoulders public responsibility to backup the development effort of the nation in general and the regional state in particular through research, community service, policy dialogue and many others.