Training and Consultation

Training on Customer satisfaction and good governance

 BDU:College of Business and Economics at Bahir Dar University has offered training on good governance and customers’ service satisfaction to a set of government employees drawn from different offices of Bahir Dar town.

“The training was meant to help the trainees develop skills and capacities on good governance and service provision.” said Lecturer of Marketing Management at the College Mr. Filipos Lamore, one of the trainers.

“The training will help the trainees deliver good service to their visitors”, BDU’s Director of Community Services, Dr. Getachew Fisseha. Three hundred trainees were trained in the first round training. It has been indicated that next year the university will asses changes observed by the current training. Some of the trainees have suggested that this sort of training might be continuously and widely be offered. (source: bdu website)