Continuing and Distance Undergraduate

Undergraduate Continuing and Distance Education Programs

The College of Business and Economics is currently running three undergraduate BA programs delivered extension and distance modes. The Extension mode delivery requires four years while, the summer require five years and Distance mode of delivery require seven semesters. The programs are listed here under.

  1. Accounting and Finance program
    • Degree Nomenclature- BA degree in Accounting and Finance
    • Program Objectives- The program aspires to produce competent accounting and finance graduates to best cater the needs of business organizations in the country. The program supports the development effort of the nation via viable research and community service.
    • Tips about the nature of the courses- Courses of the program can be grouped into common/related courses (such as Language, Civics and Ethics, Quantitative Methods which in aggregate account 16% of the total), major courses (constitute 56% of the total) focus on key areas of the accounting principles, finance, auditing marketing, risk, insurance etc and minor courses (28% of the total) which by and large focus on a number of management courses.
    • Admission classification- Extension and distance education programs.
    • Graduation requirement-A candidate who is eligible  for graduation in Accounting and Finance must: Achieve a minimum CGPA of 2.00 in both major and minor courses; Score no F in any course; and, complete 114 credit hours or 180 CP
    • Career opportunities- The graduates have vast employment opportunities. A competent  accountant can sell him/her self both to the public and private business as an accounting clerk, finance manager, financial analyst, auditor, accounting information system designer, managers of different business, financial administrators and many others.


  1. Management Program
    • Degree Nomenclature-BA degree in  Management
    • Program objective-The program looks for producing competent managers who are managing the human, material, operational, and financial and information resources of the organizations after three years of rigorous study. The program envisages to serving the general public through problem solving research and community outreach.
    • Tips about the nature of courses-The three years management BA degree program has harmonized curriculum at national level. They lion share of the courses goes to management and accounting courses. In general the courses help students acquire knowledge on planning business, managing human and materials resources, managing markets and information etc.
    • Admission classification- Extension and distance education
    • Graduation requirement- Degree is awarded when a student: Has  accomplished a minimum CGPA of 2.00(in major courses and overall courses), Do not have an F  score in any course and, Has  taken  117 credit hours
    • Carrier opportunities- Wide range of employment opportunities is available. Management of resources and businesses is the worry of everyone in this dynamic world. The role managers play in this regarded is therefore indispensable. To this end mangers are demanded in both private and public business both as managers and experts. Some of them could be the government sector, the non-governmental sector, the production sector, the marketing sector.


  1. Economics program
    • Degree Nomenclature-BA degree in Economics
    • Program objective-The overall objective of the program is to train qualified experts in the field of Economics in accordance with the country’s need of trained workforce. The department is committed to support the development effort of the nation through viable economic research, training and organizing in-depth policy forums & dialogues.
    • Tips about the nature of courses-The three years program by and large focuses on major areas such as theories and principles of Economics, policy courses, growth & development curses, quantitative and statistics courses which are paramount important for analysis and empirical measurement of economic variables. Students will also be introduced with preliminary accounting and management principles.
    • Admission classification-continuing education and distance education
    • Graduation requirement-An Economics student would receive a degree award whenever the following prerequisites are met.: Accomplish a minimum CGPA of 2.00(in major courses and overall courses); Score no F in any course and, complete 114 credit hour
    • Carrier opportunities-Our graduates of Economics do have plenty employment opportunities. Some of them include research and community service, planning and programming activities, financial sectors, managing various projects/firms, being economic advisors, market analysis, and academic institutes.