PHD in Marketing Management

Ph.D. in Marketing Management
1.       Rationale for the Program
The purpose of the Ph.D. program in marketing management lies on two major rationales. The firstone is the university’s vision of becoming one of the ten premier research universities in Africaby 2025. Hence, focusing on terminal degree is the means through which research anddevelopment will be fostered and implies opening PhD in marketing management is a legitimatestrategy. The second one is to train candidates to enable them in dealing with the most advancedissues, both theoretical and applied, in the field of marketing. Universities, as well as businessand non-business organizations, aggressively recruit PhDs with strong theoretical and researchtraining in marketing in the global context and the case will be real soon to Ethiopia as well sinceit attempts to open up its market and connects to the globe more than ever before. Even atpresent time, the growth of modern marketing practices such as ECX (Ethiopian CommodityExchange) and Ethiopia‟s strong interest in enhancing export to narrow its wide trade balance,the trend to privatize public-owned giant companies, a generally more liberalized market whichinvites global firms to operate in Ethiopia, and the growing demand of e-commerce companiessuch as Alibaba to make Ethiopia part of the transaction require the need for marketingprofessionals with global insight. Hence, preparing qualified personnel at a Ph.D. level in marketingis viewed as paving the way to benefit from those global opportunities and enabling Ethiopia to takeits fair share in the system. Besides, the growing need for qualified researchers and candidates ofthe highest international standards who can carry out high-level research suitable for publicationin leading academic journals and other outlets and who are capable of addressing research issuesimportant to academia and business practice justify the very reason for opening such a programat this time. In this regard, a push for the opening of PhD program in marketing management byEthiopia commodity exchange, East African Holdings, Ethio Telecom, Commercial Bank ofEthiopia, Ethiopian Airlines was given to Addis Ababa University and we used this informationas part of the formal need assessment. Besides a formal need assessment was conducted inselected Universities of the country where marketing department exists and of all themarketing management staff with master’s degrees,78% responded that they will attend their PhDs inmarketing management (the detail need assessment is annexed
2.     Admission Requirements
A.  Master’s degree in marketing and business-related disciplines.
B. Minimum Masters CGPA required will be decided as per the university’s legislation.
Business-related fields generally include the following: 
1. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
2. Master’s in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
3. Master’s in Management
4. Master’s in Business Education
5. Master’s in Economics
6. Master’s in Hotel and Tourism Management
C. Master’s Thesis ranked as ‘good’ or above.
‘Pass’ in an MBA project in the old curriculum
(Admission committee is the final authority to decide the eligibility in case of doubt
D. And scoring a pass mark on the entrance exam prepared by the department (where the pass mark may be determined by the department graduate council)
E. Two Valid recommendations from 1. Previous instructor (supervisor) and 2. A recognized employing organization (institution) that can justify (witness) the applicant’s qualifications and academic potential for success/completion of the graduate program.
3. Grading System
The grading is as per the senate legislation (a minimum of ‘B’ grade)
i.Grading for course work. As per the university’s legislation
ii.Thesis ratings: The following ratings will apply to PhD thesis
              Excellent; Very Good; Good; and Fail.   
4. Graduation Requirements
A candidate shall be declared eligible for the award of the PhD in Marketing Management upon
fulfilling the following conditions:
ü  Completion of Twenty credit hours of course work with successfully defendeddissertation
ü  A copy of (confirmation from RCS office of the college in case of publishable articles) atleast two published (one published and one publishable) articles in a reputable journal
ü  Other requirements of Bahir Dar University Senate Legislation shall be fulfilled.7.4
5. Degree Nomenclature 
የፍልስፍናዶክትሬት ዲግሪበግብይት አስተዳደር’
6. Medium of Instruction
The medium of instruction is English
7. Duration of the PhD Program
This PhD program in Marketing Management is normally a 4 years program where the first yearis normally allocated for course works and the remaining three years are for research workincluding write up of thesis manuscript, publication of journal articles and defence of theresearch results. The duration of the study however can be shorten and extended in accordance torules and regulations of Bahir Dar University Senate Legislation.
8. Total Load
To be eligible for the PhD in marketing, a candidate is expected to take 20 credit hours courseworks and 12 credit hours equivalent research work or 60 CP for the course works and 120CPfor research work as per the course breakdown.