Student Activities

We welcome students to be active outside their classroom and develop an all rounded personality who can effectively function in the society. Students may join clubs or sports activities organized by Bahir Dar University's concerned organs.

The main aim of Clubs and Activities in the University is to assist students to;Engage in useful living.

  • Develop Leadership skills.
  • Pursue personal interests.
  • Engage in community service.
  • Form a network of friends and contacts.

The main aim of sports activities in the institute are:-

  • Create healthy youth
  • Reach out to people in an easy and constructive way.
  • Enhance cultural interaction.
  • Engage students positively.
  • Enhance self esteem and self confidence.

Application Procedures to enroll in the Faculty

For regular undergraduate students, after being placed in Bahir Dar University, they will select faculties which is competitive one. Then after, department selection is made by students. This is also usually competitive and takes place after the representatives of each of the departments in the faculty orient new students about their respective departments. The orientation usually covers issues such as the staff profile, nature of training, graduates profile and job opportunities. Students with higher scores on Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Examination have higher chances of getting departments of their choice.

For postgraduate students who finance their studies from sources other than the government purse, after the announcement of application applicants will fill in the application form at the Customer Relations and Information Production Case Team of the faculty with an application fee of ETB 50. Then they should take an entrance exam. Then depending of the capacity of each department those applicants with a pass mark in the aggregate of scores in the entrance exam and CGPA in the first degree study (For master's study) and CGPA in the first and second degree studies (for a PhD study) will be admitted to the departments they applied for. For applicants whose studies will be financed by the federal or regional governments no application is required.