The Staff Profile

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences is one of the renown College under Bahir Dar University on its academic staff composition and profile. The College is equipped with young as well as very experienced academic staffs and researchers at institutional as well as national level. The College has more than 76 active staff members who are engaged in quality teaching and research activities in basic areas of their fields of studies as well as in many other related and multidisciplinary fields. Moreover, there are about 19 staff members who are on study leave pursuing their study for Ph.D and MA. in different universities in the country as well as abroad .

At present, the College is composed of 76 academic staffs, of which: 25 PhD degree , 45 Master degree and 6 with Bachelor degrees. Indeed 19 staff members are on their Phd and MA study here in the country and abroad.

Summary of Staff Profile , 2012 E.C
Rank PhD    MA and MSc First degree Grand Total
Gender M   F   T M F T M F T M F T
  23 2 25 28 17 45 2 4 6 53 23 76