Teacher Education & Curriculum Studies

Name of the academic unit       Education and Behavioral Sciences

Department                                Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies

Programme                                Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies

Degree                                        Bachelor of Education in Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies


Description of the program

This Bachelor of Education in teacher education and curriculum studies program was designed to address the trained human resource requirements of the country in teacher education of primary and secondary levels and in curriculum development of the country. It is based on both course work and research. It is expected to take a duration of four years to complete this program. Students admitted to the program are required to take and pass at least 147 credit hours courses and prepare a senior essay presenting original scholarly research showing developments in teacher education and curriculum studies resulting in original contributions to the education science. Having passed the courses and the final oral senior essay examination conducted by the department before an examination board, the candidate will be awarded the Degree of BED in Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies.