Community Service

Community services undergoing in 2013/2014

Title of the Project

People involved

Enhancing instructional leadership skills of principals, supervisors and lead teachers at West Gojam Zone, Amhara National Regional State

Ato Asrat Derib

Dr. Matebe Tafere

Ato Meseret Adinew

Ato Amera Seifu

Ato Tilahun Gidey

Enhancing facilitation skills of IFAL facilitators and experts in Amhara National Regional State

Ato Abiy Menkir

Ato Endayehu Tegegne

W/o Genet Gelana

Ato Mulugeta Awayehu

Ato Temesgen Olijira

W/t Turuwork Zalalam

Training for primary and secondary school teachers on basics of instructional messages, action research, and assessment & evaluation of learning

W/t Meskerem Cheru

W/t Turuwork Zalalam

W/o Simret Kassahun