The Faculty of Educational and Behavioral Sciences (FEBS), the then Academy of Pedagogy, is the oldest faculty at Bahir Dar University. Since its establishment, therefore, the Faculty has been offering undergraduate and postgraduate level education and training as well as community services in the fields of education, pedagogical and behavioral sciences.

The key to success in any university departments lies not only in teaching excellence but also in research because research is a powerhouse of knowledge creation. FEBS founded and has been organizing an Annual research conference called ‘May Educational Conference’. Parallel to teaching and training, our Faculty has, therefore, maintained the culture of conducting various researches that are problem solving and disseminating the results to the public for the last 30 years.

This May Conference at BDU is an institutional as well as National Educational Conference and one of the very well known institutional research undertakings in the country which hosts research presentations of outstanding scholars from all over the country and abroad in the field of education, psychology and other social science fields.The purpose of this Annual Educational Conference is to provide a timely and uninterrupted forum for academics, researchers, stakeholders as well as policy makers interested in "Education and education quality”. The Faculty has organized and hosted this research conference for the last 30 years.

Besides, our Faculty is one of the five Research Centers of Excellence at Bahir Dar University. As of 2009, the University has initiated and founded the Pedagogical and Educational Research Center (PERC), a research entity and center of excellence aimed at enhancing the status and quality of education, learning and assessment at institutional and national level. PERC has an autonomous structure led by a Director and accountable to the Vice President Office for Research and Community Services.