Ongoing Researches

Undergoing research projects for 2013/2014


Research Title


Assessment of the Implementation of CPD and Its Impact: The Case of Primary Schools in Fagita Lekoma Woreda, Awi Zone

Ato Kassa Gulle

Ato Solomon Melese

Primary School Teachers Attitude towards Teaching Students with Disability in an integrated Classroom Setting in Amhara National Regional State

Ato Zelalem Temesgen

Ato Meseret Adinew  

Forms and mental health consequences of Transactional sex among university students in Ethiopia

Ato Tlahun Giday

Ato Habtu Gebreseassie

The Adequacy and Utilization of Educational inputs  inANRSSecondary schools

Ato Kibrom Menistu

Ato Asrat Derib

A Comparative Study on the English Language Verbal Skills on Secondary School Students: the case of Gondar, ANRS

Ato Chaneyalew Enyew

Dr. Matebe Tafere

Integrated Functional Adult Literacy Program: Status and Practice in Amhara Region



Ato Endayehu Tegegne

Ato Mulugeta Awayehu

Ato Tenmesgen Olijira

W/t Turuwork Zalalam

Efforts of Ethiopian Higher Education Institutions in Enhancing Graduates Employability and Its Effect on Graduate Labor Market Outcomes

Ato Asnake Tarekegn

Ato Amera Seifu

Dr Asrat Dagnew