PRCS Coordinator

Graduate, Research & Community Service Coordinator :- Koye Kassa (Assi. Prof.),

Postgraduate, Research and Community Service Coordinator of the Faculty of Educational and Behavioral Sciences is accountable to the dean of the faculty and is responsible to:

§ Conduct periodic and continuous program market analysis.

§ Develop strategies for the expansion of postgraduate programs

§ Serve as a member of the Academic Council

§ Serve as point-of-contact for the academic unit’s postgraduate programs and      related communications

§ Identify new areas of specialization/programs in demand.

§ Developing, managing and renovating curricula.

§ Establish and realize effective planning, reporting and monitoring system.

§ Ensuring timely and effective communication and advertisement of academic  programs. 

§ Ensure timely and effective orientation of postgraduate students.

§ Ensure continuous impact assessment, evaluation and graduates’ follow up and  feedback.

§ Develop and communicate schedules and academic calendars.

§ Ensure the proper assignment of instructors and follow up the provision.

§ Actively and fruitfully participate on such meetings as AC, GC, etc.

§ Arrange and follow up theses defense sessions.

§ Run Faculty graduate program seminars and conferences.

§ Follow up graduate program and take appropriate action.

§ Ensure all the necessary educational inputs are made available.

§ Undertake and follow up course and program review.

§ Design project proposal to attract funding for strengthening and expanding the  Faculty graduate program.

§ Prepare/revise and publish academic unit level graduate handbook that defines necessary rules, requirements and expectations

§ Compile applications and facilitate candidate selection for admission

§ Ensure that course instructors, advisors and examiners are timely assigned on   merit basis

§ Facilitate provision of orientation to postgraduate students

§ Organize weekly seminars and facilitate annual workshops/conferences and publication of proceedings or special issues

§ Coordinate and follow up research and community service activities of the   academic unit

§ Coordinate research review and submit budget allocation proposal to the Dean/

§ Work to build the research capacity of the academic staffs and the academic unit

§ Preparation of contract for staffs of the academic unit teaching postgraduate courses

§ Execute other tasks given by the Dean/Director