Powers and Responsibilities of the Dean

Dean of CEBS -  Dr. Tadesse Melese (Associate Professor)

  • Developing and articulating the mission, vision, and objectives of the college in consultation with the vice presidents of Academic Affairs and Research and Community Service;
  • Formulating the college’s strategic and annual plans and submitting the plan for vice presidents of Academic Affairs and Research and Community Service for approval;
  • Communicating and inculcating the college strategy, vision, mission and objective to faculty members, and internal and external stakeholders;
  • Develop, together with the faculty program manager and Academic Council, core process performance standards, procedures, and guidelines;
  • Ensure customer and stakeholder satisfaction on the college’s core processes and programs;
  • Developing better work systems, environment, and incentive system so as to improve the motivation of staff, efficiency, and effectiveness;
  • Establish and maintain bilateral and multilateral partnerships with international and local bodies;
  • Represent and advocate his faculty in internal and external affairs, in external intellectual and social affairs and events; attend and speak on behalf of his college on the annual process and university meetings;
  • Ensure the provision of resources, facilities, training and education needed for the College’s staff;
  • Ensure that budget for scholarship related costs such as airfare is allocated in their annual plans.
  • Ensure the delivery of adequate, continuous and relevant staff development, training and education programs in collaboration with international partners, university leadership and others;
  • Authorize temporary degrees issued by the faculty;
  • Authorize permanent degrees together with the President;
  • Create, improve and maintain core processes in academic, research and outreach services;
  • Set target performance levels, for the core processes of the faculty, communicate the goal and process map for its attainment to the faculty’s core process teams;
  • Develop better designs, technologies and mechanisms to improve process performance;
  • Implement continuous quality management and process improvement initiatives;
  • Develop appropriate staff development programs in line with the target performance goals of the faculty’s core processes;
  • Conduct periodic and continuous impact assessment and evaluation on the performance of the faculty’s core processes;
  • Benchmark local and foreign best practices in areas related to the faculty’s services and deliverables and process;
  • Ensure collective integrity, responsibility, and accountability for every activity of the office;
  • Mobilize resources in order to achieve a strategic plan of the faculty
  • Produce and disseminate approved quarterly and annual reports on the activities of the Faculty as well as other necessary reports to the President and other key stakeholders;