Vision, Mission and Core Values of CEBS

Below is presented the vision, missions and Core Values of the College

Vision of the College

The vision of the college is to create examplary teacher education, school leadership program and behavioral sciences that prepare and develop effective school teachers, school leaders, psychologists,curriculum experts, community development agents, special needs experts and researchers who demonistrate excellence in professional practices and commitment in Ethiopia and East Africa.

Missions of the College

The mission of the College is to sprearhead national efforts in reforming teacher education, school leadership and behavioral sciences in Ethiopia through evidence based and innovative program development, application of effective pedagogies in teacher education and school leadership, efficient and effective resource allocation and utilization, and institutional management of programs so as to improve the quality of education and learning in the country.

Core Values

  • Quality :- Quality will never be compromised throughout the functions of the College

  • Meritocracy:- Selection of staff, students and resources allocation must be based on merit and performance evaluation of the College

  • Equal opportunigy :- Equal opportunity based on performance

  • Efficiency:- Efficient performance in all aspect of the functions of the College must be maintained

  • Innovation:- There must be continuous research and dissemination of new knowledge and practices

  • Collaboration:- There must be strong link and harmony between the College and other stakeholders

  • Professionalism :- Continuous learning and improvement, respect to professional ethics and standards.