Chanayalew Eneyew



Academic Rank:  Assistant Professor (PhD)

Tel: +251918766307


Po Box. 79

Campus: Peda

Block: 149

Room No: 3

College and Department: Bahir Dar University, College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, Department of Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies

Educational Background:

Academic Degree

  1. PhD in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
  2. M. Ed. in Curriculum Studies
  3. B. Ed major  in English language and minor in Amharic language
  4. Diploma  major in English language and minor in Amharic language
  5. Certificate in primary school teaching and principal ship

Work Experience

  1. University instructor for 11 years
  2. College lecturer for 4 years
  3. Secondary school English language teacher for 19 years
  4. Primary school teacher for 4 years

Professional Membership

Ethiopian Teachers Association


Honors and Awards


Research Projects/Grants/Linkages/Other Developments

  1. College grants on reading researches
  2. University research grant on Peer-led learning
  3. Studying indigenous education

Publications (Journal Articles)

      a) Presented 2 papers at Amhara Education Bureau Symposium when I was a

         secondary school teacher which was published in proceedings.

      b) Presented 3 research papers on different issues on TVET institutions in Amhara   

        Technical and Vocational Education and Training Commission, the current TVET   


     c) Have 3 Academic Publications/Articles on Reputable Journals

Publications (Book Chapter, Poster, Proceedings)


 Conference Presentations

  1. The integration of multiculturalism into the Pedagogy of Ethiopian Universities
  2.  The integration of multiculturalism into the Environments of Ethiopian Universities
  3. Practices and challenges of peer-led learning in Ethiopian universities


  • Undergraduate

Offer courses on foundations of teacher education, multiculturalism, sociology of education, mentoring, English language courses

  • Postgraduate

Offering courses on TVET occupational standards, quality assurance in education and/or TVET, education study and TVET, TVET Curriculum Design Implementation and Evaluation.

Thesis Supervision

   Supervising students’ theses on areas of principal ship, school improvement, social   

    Psychology, teacher professional development, curricular issues and TEFL

Area of Research Interest:

Teacher scaffolding, peer scaffolding, meta-cognitive reading strategies, peer tutoring, peer mentoring, teacher professional development, generic approach on writing, and action research

Previous and Current Positions

  1. Course Chair Person, Bahir Dar University (Current)
  2. Team Leader for Abay Cultural and Research Development Center,  Bahir Dar University (Current)
  3. Dean of students, Bahir Dar University
  4. Sports Club v/President and President, Bahir Dar University
  5. Student Affairs Business Process Owner, Bahir Dar University
  6. Research coordinator, department head and so on, in Bahir Dar Construction Technology College
  7. Principal in Primary schools

Community Service

  1. Training high school and primary school teachers on action research  and  differentiated  instruction organized by SOS, Bahr Dar center
  2. Training high school and primary school teachers on action research, differentiated  instruction, and assessment  granted by Bahir Dar University Community Service and organized by  Awi Administrative Zone Education Office, Enjibara, Amhara Region, Ethiopia
  3. Training primary Amharic and English language teachers on teaching reading and writing

Committee membership

  1. University student  discipline committee member
  2. School  Parent Teacher Association  committee member