Mulugeta Yayeh (PHD)

Full Name: Mulugeta Yayeh Worku

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor (PhD)

Tel: +251913478708

Email: or 

Po Box. 79

Campus: Peda

Block: Zengena Building

Office No: 01 (1st floor)

College : Education and Behavioral Sciences

Department: Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies

Educational Background

Academic Degree

  • PhD , Curriculum and Instruction (Bahir Dar University)
  • MA, Curriculum and Instruction (Addis Ababa University)
  • BEd, History Education (Bahir Dar University)

Work Experience

  • Secondary school teacher at different secondary schools (1993- 2004)
  • Teacher educator at Debre Markos College of Teacher Education (2004- 2014)
  • Instructor at Debre Markos University (January-April, 2014)
  • Instructor at Bahir Dar University (since May 2014)

Publications (Journal Articles)

Mulugeta Yayeh Worku (2017). Improving primary school experience and school-college linkage in Ethiopia through collaborative action research. Educational Action Research, 25 (5), 737-754.

Mulugeta Yayeh Worku (2017).  The crisis and renaissance of curriculum studies: A reflection on the positions of Wraga and Hlebowitsh. Bahir Dar Journal of Education, 11 (1), pp. 34-47.

Mulugeta  Yayeh Worku (2015). Effectiveness  of  primary  school  principals  in  managing  the  implementation  of  civic  and  ethical education curriculum. Bahir Dar Journal of Education, 15 (1), 24-40.

 Mulugeta Yayeh (2011). Effective teaching for quality education: An assessment of teacher effectiveness in East Gojjam administrative zone. Journal of Educational Research, 1 (1), 57-81.  

 Mulugeta Yayeh (2010) Fostering societal values through appropriate strategies: The case of some selected schools in East Gojjam Administrative zone. Journal of Teacher Education, 2 (1), 31-61.

 Mulugeta Yayeh., Animaw Tadesse, Desalegn Bizuneh, and Belay Tsega. (2011). Evaluative research on the effectiveness of civic and ethical education  program:  With  particular  reference  to  schools  in  East  Gojjam  Administrative  zone.  Journal of Education, 1 (1), 27-56.   

 Abebe  Gebre Silasie,  Addisu  Liyew,  Animaw  Tadesse,  Mulugeta  Yayeh,  and Getnet  Zerihun.  (2010). Evaluative research on the effectiveness of school improvement program: With particular reference to schools in East Gojjam Administrative zone. Journal of Education, 14 (1), 1-37.

 Mulugeta Yayeh (2009). Challenges of building up good citizenship in Ethiopia: Key remarks on the instructional process of civic and ethical education. IER FLAMBEAU, 16 (2), 47-69.


  • Undergraduate

Curriculum and Instruction

Foundations of education

Reflective teaching

General methods of teaching

Multicultural education

Policy and practice of teacher education

Instructional technology 


  • Postgraduate

Sociology of education

Curriculum studies


Area of Research Interest:

  • Educational Action Research
  • Philosophical, sociological, and historical foundations of education
  • Curriculum and curriculum materials
  • Teacher education
  • Citizenship and social science education

Community Service projects offered

  • Project 107: Training for primary school teachers of Bahir Dar city focusing on student empowerment
  • Project 108: Action research training for Bahir Dar city primary school teachers
  • Project 109: Action research training and supervision for Bahir Dar  city primary school teachers