Enhancing ICT skills of teacher educators at the faculty of education and behavioral sciences

Enhancing ICT skills of teacher educators at the College of Education and Behavioral sciences


A four day training was conducted at the College of Education and Behavioral sciences from May 23-26, 2016 organized by the UNESCO-China Funds-in-Trust project (UNESCO-CFIT) in collaboration with the UNESCO International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa (IICBA). The goal of the training was to enhance ICT skills of teacher educators at BDU on utilization of CFIT equipments for distance learning and building of ICT pedagogy in teaching and learning. 

The training particularly focused on utilization of smart rooms and Video Conferencing system in distance learning, and development of ICT pedagogical skills in the delivery of CFT modules through best use of the equipment. The training envisions to build the capacity of 30 teacher educators and key academic staff and enhances effectiveness in using the equipments, and couch teacher educators in subsequent staff capacity development activities. 

Rationale for conducting the training:

Remarkable achievements have resulted so far in the implementation of the CFIT project in Ethiopia. Of these achievements are the integration of ICT in teacher training curricula and the development of modules for pre-service and in-service teacher training. Though ICT inclusion in teacher training supports improvement of the quality of the teacher education system, while enabling to reach more number of teachers at a distance, it must be supported, however, with carefully planned training in order to make teachers, teacher educators and practitioners capable of selecting and applying desired technology skills.  Tailor made trainings on enhancement of ICT skills for teacher educators need to be strengthened in order to bring about the desired changes in teaching and learning practice through application of technology. 

ICT equipments has been set up in College of education and behavioral sciences and five cluster schools to support delivery of teaching through technology. The equipment supports delivery of the CFIT developed modules, affecting large number of pre and in-service trainees in the college and cluster schools. With recent finalization of equipment setup in the college and cluster schools, teacher educators need skills training in order to launch utilization of the equipment for teacher capacity development and distance learning, and build college-schools partnership through technology.