Students' Association

Formation and Recognition of Student Organization
Students of the University can form a student organization that shall involve or represent all students of the University. Such a student organization shall get recognition from the administration of the University. As far as the objectives and activities of the organization are designed and exercised to promote the academic and co-curricular interests, the University shall assist these endeavors as much as possible. The recognized student organization shall strive towards the provision of quality education in the University and the preparation of able citizens that would contribute to the development of the country.

Conditions for the use of the facilities of the University
No student organization or group may use the facilities of the university for meeting or other purpose without the prior permission of the designated authority of the university. Permission to use the facilities of the university may be requested in writing and must be signed by the appropriate representative of the student organization or, in the case of a recognized student group, by organizers of the meeting.