Code of Conduct

General Provisions
• The University has the responsibility to encourage and promote student participation in the relevant affairs with the aim of attaining its mission and educational goals as stated in the Senate Legislation.
• The University has power and the responsibilities to regulate all student activities that would directly or indirectly affect its normal operation.

Code of Conduct 
The following are some of the activities that could be considered as misconduct: 
• Misuse, abuse, lose of or damage to any property of the University;
• Failure to attend regularly scheduled classes or other  programs;
• Any act of defamation against University  or a member/s  of the  University  ;
• Breach of any rule and regulation established by the authorities of the University ;
• Cheating in exams, plagiarism and other related offences.
• Dishonest conduct such as theft, cheating and lying to incite disturbance in the University;
• Individual group performances that would cause disruption of the teaching learning process and other activities of the university  ;
• Consistent and continued act of offensive behavior towards any other member of the University  community;
• The use of mass force against any normal and legitimate activity of the University or any group or member of the University  .

Disciplinary Measures 
Depending on the seriousness of the misconduct (cheating during exam and other) committed by a student, the following disciplinary measures shall be exercised: 

  • Oral advice;
  • Oral reprimand
  •  Reduce exam marks or disqualify exam;
  • Written reprimand; 
  •  Suspension from academic programs for one semester;
  •  Suspension from academic programs for two consecutive semesters;
  •  Dismissal from the University for good;
  • Withholding academic certificates and transcripts for a maximum of one year.
  • Other Measures as per the University legislations.