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Bahir Dar University envisions being one of the ten premier Universities in Africa in 2025. As part of its efforts to serve the public, the University has launched technologically supported continuing and distance education programs along with its highly rated regular programs.

Distance education is beneficial to learners, families, employers/workplace, and governments as it provides the most affordable and flexible opportunities. It is more than ever clear that open and distance learning will be an important element of future education and training systems. It is approaching acceptance within mainstream education and training in such a way that it will make up part of the repertoire of most educational institutions in the future.

Historically, Bahir Dar University is a pioneer that initially recognized the importance and implemented teaching-learning with distance education modality in Ethiopia. It takes the lead in providing citizens with a more affordable, flexible and friendly learning environments thereby meeting quality, relevance, and access to education country wide. To this end, the University with its farsighted staff has set up an office which is dedicated to coordinate distance and continuing education programs. This office is just a University within a bigger University and has been discharging its social responsibility by training citizens in various fields nationwide.

Distance learning is a powerful option for students who wish to study and learn in their own time, pace and place. Many students have schedules that do not fit with the traditional on-campus course offerings and hence distance education is a viable avenue to ensure access to quality education. Notably, distance education and its contributions to national development isduly recognized by national, continental and international organizations and policies. Bahir Dar University has taken the prime lead in recognizing and implementing distance education as an important tool for hastening national development a decade and half before.

Distance learning at Bahir Dar University uniquely offers quality trainings and convenient for today’s hectic lifestyle without the need to come to campus on regular basis. Teaching-learning takes place with the support of well-prepared up to date learning materials, nearby well-furnished libraries, ICT centers and technological support systems(E.g. SIMS, LMS,Website) .

Bahir Dar University, more than any other time, has renewed its historical commitment and taken various exemplar measures to radically transform the operation and service delivery in distance and continuing education programs. By cumulating its rich experiences as well as keeping institutional, national, continental and international policy directions/ trends in focus, it is ready to launchdiversified new postgraduate programs and undertake huge expansions in Ethiopia, Africa and beyond.

In closing, I would like to appreciate the University’s higher officials, faculty members, employees and students for theirall rounded contributions and achievements made thus far. And kindlyrequest you all to join hands for making more remarkable achievements in the years ahead in keeping the iconic image of the University high up!Lastly, as a tip,I kindly invite you to visit our official website ( to find out more about how we go about educating significantly large number of students and what exciting programs are on offer.

Study and work with Bahir Dar University, Africa’s premier research University!

Wish you success!


Best regards,


 Abebe Dires Dinberu(Ph.D)

Assistant Professor in the Dep't of History & Heritage Management

Executive Director, Distance and Continuing Education

Bahir Dar University

Bahir Dar, Ethiopia



  Office Phone: +251582205925