Faculty Training Needs

The Center for Capacity Building Programs conducted a survey of training needs of academic staff teaching in all colleges/faculties of the University in 2008 E.C. The results showed that coping with work-related stress, quantitative research methods and associated software, and fostering students’ critical thinking and creativity are the three top-rated types of trainings demanded by many faculty members. The rest are shown below according to their ranking order, together with the top three:
1. Coping with work-related stress and self-development
2. Quantitative research methods and associated software
3. How to encourage students’ critical thinking and creativity
4. Course designing/development skills
5. Gender responsive education and feminist pedagogy
6. Simple educational tools (technology) that ease instructors' work load
7. How to motivate students and influence their behavior & attitude
8. Qualitative research methods and associated software
9. Improving one’s own academic writing skills
10. Program development/design skills
11. How to encourage indigenous thinking in students
12. How to improve student learning—cognitive strategies and tips
13. Leadership, innovative thinking, and new academic culture
14. Internet and database search for academic resources
15. Critical pedagogy (anti-oppressive education & system awareness)
16. Classroom English
17. Reflective forum on various aspects of our institutional culture
18. Active learning methods
19. Instructional planning and skills
20. Adolescent and young adult psychology
21. Assessment (test item construction, formative and summative ass.)
22. Basic computer skills (Word, Excel, e-mail, etc.)

Accordingly, the Center has been working on most of the top-rated training needs. However, we also acknowledge that the bottom ones are basic, but simply not urgent. Hence, the Center has tried to address some of the extensively regardless of their low rating of demand.