Mulatie Mekonnen (PhD)

Full Name: Dr. Mulatie Mekonnen Getahun

Citizen: Ethiopian

Office: Zenzelima 045

           : Wisdom 517

Moblie: +251 0918704761

Email:  or 



PhD in Soil Conservation and Watershed Management (conc: Sustaining reservoir use through sediment trapping)

MSc in Geo-Information Science

Bachelor in Geography

Trainings obtained (Recent):

1.A 5-day training course on soil mapping, classification & assessment for soil & environmental scientists, International Soil Reference & Information Centre (ISRIC) Spring school, Hands-on Global Soil Information Facilities, 9-13 May 2016, Wageningen, The Netherlands

2.Techniques for writing & Presenting a Scientific Paper, 5-8 February 2013, Wageningen, The Netherlands.

3.Information Literacy Including EndNote Introduction, 4-5 December 2012, Wageningen, The Netherlands.

4.Project and time management, 22 January, 5 February, 5 March 2014, Wageningen, The Netherlands.

5.GIS based Database Management, at Center for Training and Integrated Research (CETRAD), 26th March to 4th April, 2012, Nanyuki, Kenya.

6.Application of GIS and Remote Sensing for Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM), 11th to 20th April 2011, Bahir Dar University, Institute of Technology, Ethiopia,

7.Training on Advanced GIS, April 23 to May 2, 2010, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.

8.Application of GIS in Water Resources Management, 12-22 May 2010, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.

9.Training on Remote Sensing and Image Analysis, 3-11 May 2010, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.

10.Training on Land Rehabilitation, Productivity improvement and Income Generating Technologies, 21-30 Nov. 2006, Ethiopia.

Working titles:

•Assistant Professor, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, BDU

•GIS/RS Researcher, Geospatial Data and Technology Center, BDU

•Regional GIS Specialist, ANRS, Bureau of Agriculture (BOA)

•Watershed Management & Development Specialist, BOA

•Project coordinator, MERET Project, World Food Program (WFP), Ethiopia

Positions and academic deeds

Department head, NaRM, CAES, BDU

MSc and PhD programs coordinator, NaRM, CAES, BDU

Associate editor: JAES Journal 

Associate editor: Frontiers in Soil Science 

Project coordinator, MERET, WFP

Project coordinator, AMAREW, USAID Project, BOA, Amhara Region, Ethiopia

MSc thesis advising: >30 students

MSC thesis examination: > 30 thesis

Reviewing more than 20 articles for different journals

Publications (Recent, peer reviewed)

1. Worku T., Mekonnen M., Yitaferu B., Cerdà A. 2020. Conversion of Crop land use to Plantation land 

      use, northwest Ethiopia. 2. Mekonnen M. 2020. Impacts of soil and water conservation practices after half of a generation age, 

     northwest highlands of Ethiopia. Journal soil & Tillage Research. Volume 205, January 2021, 104755 3. Alewoye G.M., Addisu L.S., Mekonnen M., Aschalew A., 2020. Soil Properties and Crop Productivity 

     Strategies as a Potential Climate Variability Adaptation Options in Adefwuha Watershed, Ethiopia. 

     Earth Syst Environ 4, 359 - 368. 4. Mekonnen M., and Getahun M., 2020. Soil conservation practices contribution in trapping sediment 

     and soil organic carbon, Minizr watershed, northwest highlands of Ethiopia. J. Soils Sediments 20(5), 

     2484-2494.          5. Guadie M, Molla E, Mekonnen M, Cerdà A. 2020. Effects of Soil Bund and Stone-Faced Soil Bund on 

     Soil Physicochemical Properties and Crop Yield Under Rain-Fed Conditions of Northwest Ethiopia. 

      Land 9 1-15. 6. Addisu S. and Mekonnen M., 2019. Check dams and storages beyond trapping sediment, carbon 

     sequestration for climate change mitigation, Northwest Ethiopia. Geoenvironmental Disasters 6(4), 1-8.

7. Mekonnen M., Keesstra, S.D., Baartman, J.E.M., Stroosnijder, L., Maroulis, J. 2016. Reducing Sediment 

    Connectivity Through man-Made and Natural Sediment Sinks in the Minizr Catchment, Northwest 

    Ethiopia: Sediment Trapping Approach Lack Integration. Land Degradation & Development 28 (2), 

    708-717. 8. Mekonnen M., Keesstra, S.D., Ritsema, C.J., Stroosnijder, L., Baartman, J.E.M. 2016. Sediment trapping 

    with indigenous grass species showing differences in plant traits in northwest Ethiopia. CATENA 147, 

    755-763. DOI: 10.1016/j.catena.2016.08.036 9. Mekonnen M., Keesstra, S.D., Baartman, J.E.M., Ritsema, C.J., Melesse, A.M. 2015. Evaluating sediment 

    storage dams: Structural off-site sediment trapping measures in northwest Ethiopia. CIG 41, 7-22. DOI: 


10. Mekonnen M., Keesstra, S.D., Stroosnijder, L., Baartman, J.E.M., Maroulis, J. 2014. Soil conservation 

      through sediment trapping: a review. Land Degradation &d Development 26, 544-556. 11. Mekonnen M., Sewunet,T., Gebeyeh, M., Azene, B., Melesse, A.M. 2016. GIS and Remote Sensing-

       based forest resource assessment, quantification and mapping in Amhara Region, Ethiopia. 

       Landscape Dynamics, Soil and Hydrological Processes in Varied Climates, Springer Geography, 9-29. 

12. Mekonnen M., Melesse, A.M., Kesstra, S.D. 2016. Spatial Runoff Estimation and Mapping of Potential 

       Water Harvesting Sites: A GIS and Remote Sensing perspective, northwest Ethiopia. Landscape 

       Dynamics, Soil and Hydrological Processes, Springer Geography, 565-584.  

13. Mekonnen M. and Melesse, A.M. 2011. Soil erosion mapping and hotspot area identification using 

       GIS and Remote Sensing in northwest Ethiopian highlands, near Lake Tana. Nile River Basin 

        hydrology climate & water use, Springer: 207-224.

14. Engdayehu, G., Fisseha, G., Mekonnen, M., Melesse, A.M. 2016. Evaluating technical standards of 

      physical soil and water conservation practices and their role in soil loss reduction: The case of Debre 

      Mewi Watershed, north-west Ethiopia. Landscape Dynamics, Soil and Hydrological Processes in 

      Varied Climates, Springer Geography, 789-818. 

15. Mekonnen M., Keesstra, S.D., Baartman, J.E.M., Stroosnijder, L., Masselink, R.J.H. 2016. Spatial and 

       temporal variations of sediment entering Koga reservoir, NW Ethiopia. 12-26, Wageningen 

       University, PhD thesis, The Netherlands

16. Mekonnen M., Baartman, J.E.M, Keesstra, S.D., Stroosnijder, L. 2016. Adapting LAPSUS_D model to 

       simulate runoff and sediment yield in Minizr Catchment, NW Ethiopia, Wageningen University, PhD 

       thesis, 88-95.

International & national conference presentations

1.Mekonnen M., Worku T. Yitaferu B. Cerdà A. and Keesstra SD. 2020. Economics of Agroforestry Land Use System, Upper Blue Nile Basin, northwest Ethiopia.7th annual conference, Agricultutre and Environmental Management for Sustainable Development, 6-7 March, 2020, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.

2.Mekonnen M., and Getahun M. 2018. Soil Conservation Practices Contribution to Soil Organic Carbon sequestration, Minizr Watershed, northwest Ethiopia, 6th annual conference, 30-31 May 2019, Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia,

3.Mekonnen M., Keesstra, S.D., Ritsema, C.J., Stroosnijder, L., Baartman, J.E.M. 2016. Evaluating indigenous grass species as on-site sediment trapping measures, northwest Ethiopian highlands. European Geoscience Union General Assembly 2016, April 17-22, 2016, Austria Vienna.

4.Mekonnen M., Keesstra, S.D., Ritsema, C.J., Stroosnijder, L., Baartman, J.E.M. 2016. Assessing the integrated sediment trapping role of man-made and natural sediment sinks, Minizr catchment, Ethiopia. European Geoscience Union General Assembly 2016, April 17-22, 2016, Austria Vienna.

5.Mekonnen M., Keesstra, S.D., Ritsema, C.J., Stroosnijder, L., Baartman, J.E.M. 2015. Evaluating the sediment trapping efficacy of indigenous grass species, north-west Ethiopian highlands. International Conference on TROPILAKES2015, Tropical lakes in a changing environment: Water, Land, Biology, Climate and Humans, Sept 23-29, 2015, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.

6.Mekonnen M., Keesstra, S.D., Baartman, J.E.M., Ritsema, C.J. 2014. Sediment Storage Dam-A structural gully erosion control and sediment trapping measure NW Ethiopia. European Geoscience Union General Assembly 2014, 27 April - 02 May 2014, Austria, Vienna.

7.Mekonnen M., Keesstra, S.D., Baartman, J.E.M., Stroosnijder, L., Maroulis, J. 2014. Soil Conservation Through Sediment Trapping: A review. European Geoscience Union General Assembly 2014, 27 April - 02 May 2014, Austria Vienna.

8.Mekonnen M., Sewunet, T., Gebeyehu, M., Azene, B., Melesse, A.M. 2014. GIS and Remote Sensing Based Forest Resource Assessment, Quantification and Mapping in Amhara Region, Ethiopia. Ethiopian Forestry Society 3rd National Conference. December 22-24, 2014, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.

9.Mekonnen M., Melesse, AM. 2010. Spatial Runoff and Mapping of Potential Water Harvesting Areas: A GIS and Remote Sensing Perspective, Debre Mewi, Ethiopia. International Conference on Water Resources 12-16 January, 2010, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Professional/research interest (Key words)

Soil and water conservation and watershed management,

Degraded highlands restoration/rehabilitation

Sediment dynamics, Landscape connectivity, Sustainable reservoirs use

GIS, Remote Sensing applications in Natural resources management, Land use Dynamics

Teaching/capacity building in natural resources management