CALL For Mega-Research Proposals –2020/21

Submission deadline approaching, 20 days left!

CALL For Mega-Research Proposals –2020/21

Submission deadline is approaching!

CALL For Mega-Research Proposals –2020/21

Bahir Dar University, Biotechnology Research Institute is planning to accept Problem Solving Mega-Project Proposals for 2013 Academic Year. Therefore, the institute is inviting researchers to submit proposals to the institute on the following

Agricultural Biotechnology
• Animal biotechnology
• Plant biotechnology
• Fisheries and aquatic biotechnology
• Agricultural product processing technology

Biomedical Biotechnology
• Drug and Vaccine Development Research
• Biomarker discovery for Diagnostic technology development
• Pathogen, Vector and Host OMICS and their interaction
• Non-infectious disease
• Nutrigenomics
• Maternal, child and reproductive biology and health

Environmental Biotechnology
• Bioremediation and utilization
• Value addition of wastes from different sources
• Bio-degradation of hazardous wastes
• Nitrification and de-nitrification in the activated sludge process

Industrial Biotechnology
• Food Biotechnology focus areas
• Pharmaceuticals
• Agrochemicals
• Textile and tannery
• Bio-processing and industrial value addition (Replacing plastic with biodegradable material)

Proposals should be written with the University’s Mega Project writing format.
The printed format can be collected from BRI office or upon request by email. Proposals should be submitted both in soft and hard copy to the following addresses.
o Hardcopy(4copies)–To Biotechnology Research Institute director office
 Submission of Proposal: June 30, 2020
 Presentation of candidate proposals: Will be notified
 Evaluation Result Notification: Will be notified