Dr Tewodrose Tefera visited BENEFIT-REALISE BDU cluster in Tachigayint Woreda

Dr Tewodrose Tefera, Manager of BENEFIT-REALISE Programme visited BENEFIT-REALISE Bahir Dar University cluster activities (PVS of wheat, demonstration of potato, pre-scaling up of malt barley and a small pack of wheat) at Tach Gayint Woreda, Amhara region from September 19-20, 2019.

The objective of the field visit was to gain a mutual understanding of the nine-month project activity implementations at the cluster level, more specifically, nine-month progress report. Site visit of beneficiary farmers was conducted with the aim of evaluating the status of the visited activities and to have a discussion with beneficiary farmers and stakeholders which are followed by desk level discussion at BENEFIT-REALISE BDU cluster office.