Information for visitors

The area within which Bahir Dar University is situated is endowed with immense scenic beauty and outstanding natural and cultural wealth. Lake Tana is full of abundant fish and other aquatic resources. Its water provides possibilities of recreation for tourist both from the locality and distant places. The historic churches and monasteries that are found in the islands and headlands of the lake are the mysterious hiding places of religious and cultural treasures of the country. The immense natural beauty and outstanding cultural and natural resources of the area have contributed to the emergence of the town of Bahir Dar as the political center of the region. Today, Bahir Dar is one of the fastest growing towns in the country. Bahir Dar is a starting point for visits to the Blue Nile Falls and the monasteries of Lake Tana. The port from Bahir Dar provides access by boat to a number of historic lakeside churches and monasteries, near and far. Most date from the seventeenth century and have beautifully painted walls. Many such places of worship now have fascinating museums with priceless illustrated manuscripts, historic crowns and fine royal and ecclesiastical robes. Some monastic islands are forbidden to women but others can be visited by both sexes.

How to get here

Bahir Dar, a town in northern Ethiopia, is 578 kilometers from Addis Ababa, the capital city. Its climate is somewhat tropical and different from the typical highland climate of northeastern Shoa. There are daily flights between Addis Ababa and Bahir Dar as well as plenty of road transportation.

The various Engineering Schools and the College of Agriculture are Faculty located in central Bahir Dar. The main campus is 3 kms South East of the town centre. In addition four new campuses are now just outside Bahir Dar along the Bahir Dar-Gondar, Bahir Dar- Addis Ababa and Bahir Dar-Adet roads.

Places to Stay

Papyrus Hotel

Bahir Dar,

Tel. 058 220 6001

Summer Land Hotel

Bahir Dar,

Tel. 058 220 6566

Dib Anbessa Hotel

Bahir Dar,

Tel. 058 220 1436

Azwa hotel

Bahir Dar,

Tel. 058 220 3820

Ethio Star Hotel

Bahir Dar,

Tel. 058 220 2026

Enkutatash Hotel

Bahir Dar,

Tel. 058 220 4435

Bahir Dar Hotel

Bahir Dar,

Tel. 058 220 0788

Tadese Pension

Bahir Dar.

Blue Nile Hotel


Tel. 058 226 4094

Tana Hotel

Bahir Dar

Abay Minch Lodge

Tel. 0582181039

Kiraftu Lodge

Bahir Dar.