About AGSC-BDU-2022

The School of Graduate Studies at Bahir Dar University will be hosting the first African Graduate Students Conference (AGSC-BDU-2022) on May 27-28, 2022. This conference is the first by its nature in Ethiopia, organized for graduate researchers only (MSc and PhD students) in different disciplines to discuss the latest findings in their research areas.

The AGSC-BDU-2022 aims to help graduate students share their research and gain experience by presenting their research work in a formal conference environment. The conference will be an exciting and beneficial platform not only for networking among other graduate  students from all over Ethiopian universities but also for building the essential skills needed to venture into the career world. Organizing and hosting a conference for graduate students is in line with Bahir Dar University vision of becoming one of the premier research universities in Africa. Bahir Dar University has a distinct and proud reputation for its academic and research excellence, innovation, enlightened discourse and its ability to provide a platform to allow differing voices to be heard.


The aim of AGSC-BDU-2022 is to provide a platform for graduates from Ethiopia and all over the world to present their research results and development activities in all field of specialization.


Main events in the Conference

·    Oral presentation (student presentation and keynote speakers

  • Poster presentation 
  •  Exhibition (technologies and products developed by PG students, industry, PG graduates)
  • Intellectual debate and critical thinking
  •  Selected training sessions (data analysis, writing for publication….)
  • Social events
  • Best paper awards will be assigned during the conference and delivered to recipients

Don’t miss it! 

v  The event provides a friendly and formal platform for graduate students in all areas of specializations to present and discuss their current research, and

v  The event helps graduate students to get connected and share experiences with students from other universities in the country and abroad.

v  An increasing number of young researchers will take part in this event, acknowledging it as an important opportunity for scientific intellectual debate and critical reflection on emerging research agendas across many disciplines

v  Attendance is largely national represented from all country

v  High-level scientific content supported by innovation and creativity

v  The event will be unique in accompanying social events (sport games, coffee ceremony, arts, and fashion show events) that render the socialization and professional and scientific networking simply unique.