Energy Research Center

Vision of the Center
The vision of the energy research center of Bahir Dar University is to be well recognized renewable energy research center at national as well as continental level through innovation and technology transfer.
  Mission of the Center
The mission of the energy research center of Bahir Dar University is to build center of excellence in renewable energy technologies through integrated research with all the programs of the university and serving the community by working with stakeholders and other renewable research centers of the country. Our mission is also to be a leading energy research center in our region and helping community to improve their energy utilization and quality of life. 
Core values of the Center
Innovation: Generate new idea and pursue a creative approach to get it implemented, and encourage others to be creative.
Excellence: Meet high standards of performance and strive to exceed goals.
Professionalism: Maintain confidentiality, Speak truthfully and constructively, and work to find solutions rather than complain.
Integrity: In all our activities we will act with the quality of being honest and with strong moral principles
Accountability: University staff performing duties in an accountable manner and taking full responsibility for actions and decisions they take thereof.
Team work: Build a wide network of relationships throughout the programs, schools, institutes, and colleges of the university. Contribute fully to the activities of the team, and share information and resources within the team.
Work with Others: Work with different stakeholders in a close relationship to serve the community.

Organization of the Center

The Center shall have the following organs:

  • ·         Bahir Dar University Senate
  • ·         President of Bahir Dar University
  • ·         Bahir Dar University Research and Community Service Vice President
  • ·         General Assembly
  • ·         Director of the Center
  • ·         Executive Committee
  • ·         Research Groups

Objectives of the Center

The objective of Energy Research Center is

  • Do research and development of energy systems and practices which are technically, economically sound and environmental friendly which can supplement the dependency of fossil fuel consumptions in the country.
  • Perform research in the areas of energy efficiencies, utilizations and generation
  • Act as a store house of knowledge and published information and source of technical expertise/consultancy in the field of energy for the benefit of technology users, suppliers and policy makers.
  • Give trainings to the community about energy utilizations and generations
  • Develop research capability of researchers
  • Develop the multi-disciplinary research potentials that constitute the broad field of energies among all the programs of the university.
  • Establish standard energy research laboratory.
  • Work closely with stakeholders on energy technologies and disseminations to the community.
  • Supporting the government energy policy through research
  • Transfer new technologies and upgrading indigenous energy technologies.